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I Practice Plus and Minus

4.4 ( 9984 ratings )
ゲーム 教育 ファミリー
開発者 Proctele AB
0.99 USD

I Practice Plus and Minus is for all kids who want to practice their math in a pleasant and entertaining way. To create a nice and stressless experience, there is no clock and no score-board.

The game presents two playful ways of practicing addition and subtraction. Each of the two screens contains a spiral path with 5 sums that are uncovered one by one.

The exercise follows the spiral path with a clever owl as the patient guide awaiting user input. Theres a cute owl-animation for each answer, indicating whether its correct or incorrect.

The magnitude of the numbers is easily controlled in the applications setup screen. The standard setting is for sums up to 20. All results in the game are positive numbers.

There is a built-in help function, which is accessible from the setup screen.